Davide Perino (born on July 21, 1981, Rome) is an italian actor and dubber and also Elijah Wood’s official voice.

Since the age of 2 Davide has performed in several films and TV-programs along with famous Italian actors and showmen/women like Sergio Castellitto and Cristian De Sica.

Davide Perino has been dubbing for cinema and TV since he was 6.

He and his friend Davide Pigliacelli are two of the main characters in the movie “Claudio Capone, una voce in prestito”, a film in memory of the famous Italian actor and dubber Claudio Capone (also Italian voice of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars). 

Davide Perino has already received many dubbing awards, like “the Golden Microphone” at the Dubbing Festival “Le Voci Del Cinema” in Rome  in 2014 for his performance as main character in the “Merlin” serial where he gives his voice to Colin Morgan.

In april 2014 He and Elijah Wood met officially in Los Angeles and became friends. They both were very touched by their similarities: physical, vocal and of character also.

They enjoyed half a day together, while cameras and fotografers got images of those magic moments (they will be published in due time).

They embraced with grate emotion and with the happiness of knowing each other at last.

Davide has also met an other actor to who he’s given his voice: Michael Seera, in occasion of a fan-meeting in Italy.

In summer 2014, during a convention in Vinci (Italy), Davide met Finn Jones, he dubs him in “Game of Thrones” as Sir Loras Tyrell.

Davide has received a recognition from the italian Association Hobbiton 10.

In February 2015 he’s published by Vanity Fair (Italy) in an article about the film “The theory of everything” where he dubs the main character.

Some other of Davide Perino’s main performances as dubber for cinema and TV:

“The Hobbit I” and the trilogy of “The Lord of The Rings” as voice of (Frodo Baggins) and  all Elijah Wood’s films and TV-serials.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Lex Luthor)

“Nicholas Nickleby” Jamie Bell (Smike)

“Fury” and “Transformers I, II and III” and others as voice of Shia LaBeouf

“The Social Network” Jesse Eisenberg

“Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters” (Tyson)

“High School Musical” (Ryan Evans)

“Hotel Transilvania I and II” (Jonny)

“Glee” (Rory Flanagan)

“Star Trek” (2009) Anthon Yelkin (Pavel Chekov)

“Gossip Girl” (Nate Archibald)

“Alpha Dog” (Keith Stratten)

“Alvin Superstar” (Alvin)

“Troy” (Enea)

“Smallville” (Jimmy Olsen)

“Power Rangers Dino Thunder” Kevin Duhauney (Ethan James, Blue Dino Thunder)

and “Power Rangers Mystic Force” (Charrie “Chip” Torn, Jellow Mystic Ranger),

And very many more.